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Web Site Pricing



Website set-up

- $299.00 USD

Monthly hosting

- $12.00 USD

Annual domain

- $15.00 USD


- Estimated


- Estimated



WITSWebs - Website Hosting for Small Business

Website hosting refers to the specific hardware, software, and networking items needed for your website to run within the Internet. In simple terms, your website will need a website server, a content management system, a related database engine, and a consistent network address. All of these should be maintained by technical team members that know how to keep the systems running and how to recover them from any hiccups or failures (as these do happen). Additionally, most websites should be available for as much of each day as financially responsible, typically between 98% and 99%.

WITSwebs offers a website hosting and configuration service that helps the small business with all of these needs. Working with a partner in Texas, WITSwebs offers a website solution platform that includes Linux as an operating system, Apache as the web server application, TYPO3 as the content management system, and MySQL as the database engine behind TYPO3. Simply put, we take care of these items so that you do not have to.

Pricing for the WITSwebs website hosting and configuration service is based on three basic elements: an initial set up fee, a monthly hosting subscription, and any incremental maintenance costs. The initial website set up and configuration fee begins at $299USD, and may vary based on your desired website's complexity and size. The monthly hosting subscription is simply $12.00USD monthly. And, the incremental maintenance costs will vary based on your needs to change your website to reflect your changing business needs.

In general, WITSwebs? website hosting and configuration service is a good value for your small business. Your website hardware, software, and networking needs are taken care of. Your website is set up and configured by someone more technical than you need to be. And, your website maintenance is supported as you may need. And lastly, up to five email accounts are provided as part of the service. Simply put, we take care of these items so that you do not have to.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name, similar to this site as, helps your customers and others to locate your website as an easy to remember name string rather than by a cryptic set of numbers. Depending on your choice and availability, the domain name is selected and registered by you for use by your intended audience. You will need one of these before we are able to set up your website.

If you do not already have one, we can arrange one for you. We will help you search for and set up the domain name as needed for your website's initial set up and configuration. The fee for this service is a flat $15.00USD and will be added to the website initial set up and configuration fee for the first year. Afterwards, the amount of $15.00USD will be billed in month ten of each annual period so that the domain name is extended for your use and not taken by someone else upon its automatic expiration.