Future Features

Monthly Maintenance Subscription Service

WITSwebs is considering a monthly maintenance subscription service to be made available as part of the website hosting and configuration service. A part of this idea, WITSwebs would support your website changes based on an estimated amount of change that you are able to forecast for each month throughout the year. Items included in this service may include graphics updates, newsletter updates, content refresh needs, and promotions.

We welcome your suggestions to make this a better service in meeting your website hosting and maintenance needs. Use the Contact Us page to send us your comments.

WITSWebs - Website Maintenance for Small Business

Do you anticipate a need for regular updates being made to your website? Perhaps your "notices" page needs to be updated. Or, perhaps a company profile needs to reflect an expansion of a specific service offering. Or, perhaps a new logo needs to be included within your website. These types of changes can be coordinated for you.

WITSwebs offers a website maintenance service to handle both predictable and impromptu changes as you may need for your website. Notably, times to complete and any related fees for maintenance updates are dependent on the level of complexity, size, and quantity of the website changes. Annual renewal changes, like copyright dates, are typically included in the monthly investments.